Camps Bay villas with fully equipped offices

In this day and age, balancing work and family is often a seemingly impossible task. For many of us, trying to find a quiet spot to conduct a conference call or balancing the laptop on the kitchen counter to quickly send out a few vital e-mails, is just as much a part of your holiday as relaxing next to the pool is. Life is not going to slow down just because you are on vacation but if you book your holiday in one of these luxurious Camps Bay villas, you won’t only have the sparkling pool to relax next to but each one of these luxury villas has a designated study for those moments when the office just can’t wait.

Seize The Day | Camps Bay | 5 Bedrooms

luxury accommodation Camp's Bay

This ultra modern Camps Bay villa is the embodiment of true luxury and sophistication. Let the elevator deliver you up to the large study on the second floor, complete with glass desk, conference table, WIFI, computer and printer. When all the work is done, let the splendour of this one-of-a-kind property transport you into a state of complete tranquillity.

Strathmore Dreams | Camps Bay | 5 Bedrooms

luxury Camps Bay accommodation

The open plan study in this luxury villa is perfect if you need to keep an eye on the kids while getting some work done and if you need a little privacy, hidden sliding doors easily roll out to provide just that. The opulent furnishings in this home will delight your every sense, whether at work or at play.

Cloud House| Camps Bay | 5 Bedrooms

Camps Bay luxury accommodation

The five bedroom Cloud House is the ultimate in luxury Cape Town accommodation. Its peaceful, modern study is a quiet retreat, free from the distractions of the bustling city outside. When all work is done and playtime starts, the famous Camps Bay Promenade, with its lively restaurants and shops, is a mere two minutes down the road.