Top 3 Villas with the finest Modern Architecture in Cape Town

Top 3 Villas with the finest Modern Architecture in Cape Town

Chic, trend, swank, dapper, voguish…some of the words you hear when seeking a holiday home that should exude class and elegance. Cape Town is home to an array of finely crafted homes for your vacationing wants. But how would you find the real deal? Here at Luxury Villas Cape Town, we weed out the lesser hopefuls and provide you with the top of the range top of the quality goods.

Bond Apartment - arch
Bond Guesthouse
Just approaching such a masterpiece makes one stop and stand in awe of the fine lines and clean open planned look of the place. It’s difficult to know where to start really. The cascading water feature? The opulent white walls in perfect parallel harmony with each other? And that’s just the outside.
inside is a kitchenette with private balconies leading to the outside, all ultra-modern and avant-garde.

Clifton sea - arch
Clifton Sea
Clifton Sea is one of those Villas that keeps offering without stopping. Fully furnished with the finest of linens and built with contemporary designs in mind this luxurious, stylishly furnished three bedroom Villa is also set sinfully close to all the local attractions. Cape Town City Center and the Waterfront are about 10-15 minutes’ drive away. It has all the state of the art security systems in place to make sure you have nothing to worry about when you go out for the night.

Victoria Terrace - arch
Victoria Terrace
Walking in, you are immediately captured by the art decor on the walls, seeming to throb with a life of it’s own. White and dark brown is the inter-playing theme in this Penthouse, furnished with pristine pearl-white furniture and glossy in-laid wooden furniture and counter tops, its a walk-in live-in work of art. Opening up to a balcony constructed of white stone and having white woodwork couches set in a comfortable and companionable fashion, it;s the perfect place to entertain guests for a good old sun downers or to enjoy a meal under the constellations.

Cape Town has many fine choices on it palate of holiday homes, but if class and proper style is what you truly seek, look no further, Luxury Villas holds all the cards in the game of quality Villas and Penthouses for your holiday needs.