Top 3 Best Braai/Barbeque Homes in Camps Bay

Top 3 Best Braai/Barbeque Homes in Camps Bay

Hot Summer nights are made just right (typically medium rare in my tastes) when it’s you, some friends and family, and a pile of meat waiting to be grilled by your patio area with a couple of beers or a glass of wine in hand.

Victoria terrace - braai

Victoria Terrace
This prominent Penthouse offers not only spectacular views and clean cut modern architecture that will leave you open mouthed, but also a well-established shelter to cook and eat your meat. Its braai-place is set to overlook the striking view of both the Camps Bay beach area (which becomes a glowing spectrum of colours when the sun goes down) and the gorgeous view of the twelve apostles’ mountain range.

Sea View Gem - braai

Sea View Gem
Barbequing with the stars twinkling above and the sounds and smells of the surf crashing against the sandy beaches of Camps Bay Beach is what this Villa offers. Serenity permeating every pore of this location ensures your family and friends a top class place to stay and laugh and talk into the wee hours of the morning.

Lions Crescent - braai

Lions Crescent
Children splashing about in gleaming pools that seem to sprout from every corner as you and the other adults enjoy an ice cold beverage while talking and laughing as the tender meat sizzles in the built in braai grill. Your guests envy at your beautiful home will be a welcome side dish to your holiday memories of an amazing time spent in Camps Bay with azure waters surrounding you at every turn as well as the gleam of happiness in your family’s eyes.

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