Luxury Villas in Hidden Havens

When life reaches its stressful peak you just want to close the curtains and make shushing noises at the world until it goes away. Luckily we have a wide variety of high-quality holiday villas that allow you to escape from reality for a bit…

Atico Penthouse | Fresnaye

atico-penthouse-fresnaye-Private Villas

A private 2 bedroom luxury where you have the delightful ability to observe the beauty of Cape Town without getting caught up in it’s chaos. It offers a clean-cut design and stunning views while maintaining an important level of privacy that’s hard to come by these days.

Blue Waters | Llandudno

blue-waters-llandudno- Private Holiday Villas

A beautiful and private 3 double bedroom cottage of a holiday home, this gem offers tranquil peace and inner harmony as you sit by and watch the flush greenery dance to mother nature’s tune. With the nearby waves soaring over the surf, its the perfect place for a cocktail with some friends as the sun sets over another beautiful day in Cape Town.

Huntley Manor | Camps Bay

huntley-manor-camps-bay-Private Holiday Villas

It comes with a stunning view of Camps Bay and its own private pool, whats more serene than that? This stunning 3 bedroom Villa is the perfect spot to lay down and relax as you feel all the worries of the day slip away into nothingness…

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