Why are our Villas the most luxurious around?

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality villas around, by adhering to a strict criteria that ensures our holidays homes make the cut.
But what constitutes that criteria? What makes a villa great?


Location location location! All our villas are situated in close proximity to all the holiday highlights any tourist would dream of wanting to visit, and they are all placed in areas that assure its owners a safe nights sleep with all the latest security features included.

Our glamorous Reflections Villa located by Lions head and the stunning Camps Bay Beach

reflections-camps-bay-Villa in a good location

Our location policy also revolves around each and every holiday home being surrounded by the most stunning views available. You don’t have to worry about being neighbors with a derelict property, instead you’ll be serenaded by cool sea breezes and continually fascinated by the pristine pearly white sand beaches or breath-taking city-by-night-lights.


If you want poor support beams holding together your shelter then go camping. Our Penthouses and villas are designed to embody beauty, power and elegance. Whether they adhere to age old classics with warm wooden beams bathed in golden sunlight and stony inlaid work, or a modern design with clear cut lines and refined granite with only the latest in decor and furnishing, our homes contain the essence of hearth and leisure.

See the clean lines in our Bond Guesthouse Apartment

bond-guest-apartment-camps-bay-Villa with good architecture


Our villas are but an empty shell of a home until we add all the luxuries that come with it. Clean and furnished bedrooms with the most comfortable linens and ravishing patterns work in tandem with the fine art decor plastering the walls creating a feast for the eyes! All complimented by the sense and smell of a place that is under constant cleaning and maintenance of the highest standards.

The stunning pool features of the Khoi Pond Villa

khoi-pond-camps-bay villa with water feature

We try where we can to bring in beautiful water features like rim-flow pools and cascading waterfalls (nothing is too decadent for out clients). Gas braai’s are brought in more often than not to provide the amenities needed for a party where the drinks are flowing and the meat is sizzling.

And for those chilly nights, we have homes built with gratifying underfloor heating as well as a stocked fire place, usually located near a large DSTV equipped with satellite and surround sound.

Proximity to fun activities

All of our luxurious villas are checked in the category that says “Fun times just around the corner”.
You can be sure that wherever you stay you are always only a few minutes walk away from trendy cafes, delectable bistros, raving night life clubs or even a fun family market to take the kids out to for some bonding time with all your loved ones.

View our list of fun activities to do around Cape Town

Things to do around Cape Town

Unless of course what you’re looking for is some time away from the hectic lifestyle that is civilisation, we do have holiday villas away from it all. Secluded havens where peace and tranquility are your steady friends and you can spend hours finally getting to read your book with the sounds of nature enveloping you in a cocoon of serenity.

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Luxury Villas in Hidden Havens

When life reaches its stressful peak you just want to close the curtains and make shushing noises at the world until it goes away. Luckily we have a wide variety of high-quality holiday villas that allow you to escape from reality for a bit…

Atico Penthouse | Fresnaye

atico-penthouse-fresnaye-Private Villas

A private 2 bedroom luxury where you have the delightful ability to observe the beauty of Cape Town without getting caught up in it’s chaos. It offers a clean-cut design and stunning views while maintaining an important level of privacy that’s hard to come by these days.

Blue Waters | Llandudno

blue-waters-llandudno- Private Holiday Villas

A beautiful and private 3 double bedroom cottage of a holiday home, this gem offers tranquil peace and inner harmony as you sit by and watch the flush greenery dance to mother nature’s tune. With the nearby waves soaring over the surf, its the perfect place for a cocktail with some friends as the sun sets over another beautiful day in Cape Town.

Huntley Manor | Camps Bay

huntley-manor-camps-bay-Private Holiday Villas

It comes with a stunning view of Camps Bay and its own private pool, whats more serene than that? This stunning 3 bedroom Villa is the perfect spot to lay down and relax as you feel all the worries of the day slip away into nothingness…

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Top 3 Villas in Cape Town for the Winter Season

This coming Winter season we have a large number of specials available to you to ensure you don’t experience any seasonal blues. We have the finest selection of high quality Villas made available in the whole of Cape Town. Here we have the top 3 Villas – one from each region.

Bantry Bay |Seaside Garden

seaside-garden-bantry-bay-Finest Holiday Villas

Bright and open, this holiday villa is located in close proximity to all the must-sees’and do’s of Cape Town. Placed right by the Waterfront and minutes away from City Central, you’ll never be at miss to do anything on your vacation!
Price on special per night: ZAR 900

Bakoven |Beta Villa

beta-villa-bakoven-Finest holiday Villas

Breath-taking mountain scenery and gorgeous Sea views enthrall you no matter which direction you turn! With the garden being immaculate and the decor to die for, this holiday Villa is a no-brainer must-have.
Price on special per night: R3000

Camps Bay | Balito

balito-camps-bay-finest Holiday Villas

The ambiance of this gem of a holiday villa is palpable. Brilliant architecture works well with its stunning panoramic views of the nearby mountains and beaches. The perfect place to kick back and enjoy a cocktail with some friends after a perfect Camps Bay day!
Price on special per night: ZAR 6045

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Top 4 Largest and most Luxurious Villas for this Winter

This winters mantra; go big or don’t go on vacation! Majesty and grace all rolled up into a large party Villa is what we are offering you this season! View our finest top-quality holiday homes to throw the biggest dinner parties and get togethers’ that everyone will be talking about for years! And perfect timing since we have a wonderful selection of winter specials available to you this festive season.

Family Tides

family-tides-bakoven-Luxury Holiday Villas

Breath-taking ocean views and stunning mountain scenery will be served as a side platter along with the main course of staying in one of the finest and most awe-inspiring villas Cape Town has to offer. You’ll be blown away and have to be bodily removed from the house when it’s time to leave!
Price on special per night: R3900

Beach Villa One

beach-villa-one-camps-bay- Winter specials

Number One Villa on the Beach is too much a boasting title, but it’s implied. An expansive veranda opens out to a killer view of Camps Bay Beach as well as the beautiful Mountain scenery. This double story palace can house 12 people without even breaking a sweat.
Price on special per night: R4875

Apostle Views

apostle-views-camps-bay-Luxury Holiday Villas

Nestled in comfortably between the bossoms of the twelve apostles mountain range (hence the name) and the Camps Bay beaches (hence the demand for the house) you’ll never find yourself in wont. Minutes away from all the local attractions and City Centre, this holiday home is one of the shining jewels of Camps Bay.
Price on special per night: R5500

Sea Views Luxury

sea-views-luxury-camps-bay-luxury Holiday Villas

Elegance and Power vie for domination in this master piece of a holiday villa! Superb sea views work in tandem alongside a built in Zen garden complimented by a deck area salt pool and it’s companion Jacuzzi ensure you’re never lacking in entertainment and peace of mind while staying in the Shangri-la that is Camps Bay.
Price on special per night: R7000

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